What are Ilam souvenirs?

What are Ilam souvenirs?

Ilam has many edible souvenirs near beautiful handicrafts.

Base on the good weather it has perfect honey and animal oil either. Here you can find some of the best pastry of Ilam are such as follow:

  • Turpentine
  • Mountainous pistachio
  • Bezhy bar saq
  • Kaleh Konji
  • Some of the Ilam local breads

Some of the other popular souvenirs of Ilam are as follow:

  • animal oil
  • Mountain Honey
  • Curd
  • Sesame Walnut
  • Kak pastry

Ilam Bezhy bar saq pastry

Bezhy bar saq of Ilam is one of the most popular old pastry of Ilam that in the past Ilami artists women made it for the several ceremonies and also as purveyance for the travel. Today this tasty pastry is making in the pastry workshops. The ingredients of this pastry are as follow:

pastry dough


Local animal oil






They make this dough in the desired shape and after that fry it in the oil. Now the pastries are ready to eat. To prepare Bezhy bar saq of Ilam to go to to the Pastry makers and Traditional Markets and prepare it as the souvenirs of Ilam for your relatives and make them familiar with the old souvenir of Ilam. In addition “Bezhy” means living and the meaning of this pastry is that enjoy your life.

 Ilam Kaleh Konji Pastry

try is a kind of halva with very sweet and delicious taste and it is in the type of especial pastry of  Ilam city. Ilam people mostly consume this pastry in Yalda night. The main ingredients of this pastry are as follow:


Date palm

Both of them are very energetic and tonic.

Ilam Begol Halva

One of the other pastry of Ialm that is counted in the parts of the Halvas is Begol Halva. As same as the other pastries of there the ingredients of that are contain: Kale Konji, Palm, and Seasame but this kind of halva has Curd either. Begol Halva is very tasty and nutritious. Begol and Kale konji are very appropriate for the cold weather and consume them make the body hot.

Ilam Beneh (Mastics)

Mastic is another name of the wild pistachio that its tree is usually can find in the mountains. The brain of this kind of pistachio is too small. This tree has a kind of sap,  that is called gum sap. Gum is the kind of green, sticky and thick resin. Resin use in the making chewing gum, pharmaceutical drug, plastic materials, perfume and …. Mastics or gum can be a good choice as the souvenir.

Some of the other properties of mastics are as follow:

  • Paregoric
  • Wound healing
  • Nerves reinforcing
  • Stomach reinforcing
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Ilam Local bread

The way of baking the local bread in Ilam is now a day as same as the past times and in the traditional mood and in making these kinds of bread there are no harmful materials and unnatural methods.  Usually to prepare these kinds of bread they use the metal material that is called sach. They put sach on the fire and flattened the prepared dough on it.

Some of the traditional bread of Ilam are as follow:

Ilam Saji bread:

It is the kind of extenuation bread that its dough is making from the mixture of leaven, flour, water. This kind of bread is making on the sach.


Ilam Ppg bread:

For making this kind of bread mix water, onion and flour together and make the dough. Put the dough under the Ash.

 Ilam Fatir bread:

This is the kind of bread without leaven. Mix flour, water, and salt together and flattened it on the sach.

Ilam Kazgeh bread

Ilam Shalkeh bread

Ilam Tanoury bread

Ilam Panjeh kesh bread