What are Khorramshahr souvenirs?

What are Khorramshahr souvenirs?

Kalicheh is one of the souvenirs of Khorramshahr that its reputation received to the countries on the other Side of the Persian Gulf.

Khorramshahr is one of the cities in the South of Iran. These cities in the early Spring have pleasant weather and many natural attractions and historical monuments. Khorramshahr is the port with the historical attractions and natural beauty such as Minou island, Naseri Wetlands of  Khorramshahr, Fylyeh Palace, Karun River, Fishmonger market and Beach Park that attract many people to themselves annually, near the spiritual attractions as same as Shalamcheh shrine.

Many of the people that they are travel to Khorramshahr think that the only souvenir of  Khorramshahr is the date so when they go there they only buy the required dates of themselves. So the producers of date make some foods that they are as same as date sweet and maybe some of them have better taste than it either in the way that some tourist after only one-time use of them come to be they regular customer.

This kind of unknown souvenir in the Dialect call “Kalicheh” but in the other cities, it calls “Koloucheh Khormaea”  (Date Muffin ). Although this kind of product is prepared in the other cities but the old men and women of Khorramshahr believe that it was made for the first time in Khorramshahr and then from there go to the another cities and even countries.

The original Khorramshahri peoples know one old woman with seventy years old age as the best producer of “Kalicheh” in their city that she is subsistence by cooking “Kalicheh” for the many years.

The old seventy years old woman speaks about her experiences in cooking “Kalicheh”. She says that from 50 years ago she started to make “Date Kalicheh”. She lost her husband about forty years ago and she did this job from that time alone by herself.

She is as same as the kind mother when she speaks with her children. She told that the history of making “Kalicheh” in Khorramshahr is back to about thousand years ago and her customers are not only from the Khorramshahr but even they are from the countries in Persian Gulf margin such as Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain and they are once in a while give her order of making “Kalicheh”. Some of the shopkeepers around her say that these “Kalichehs” are posting to some countries as same as America and Europe either.

She believes that the best Kalicheh of whole Khorramshahr is making by her hands at home because she prepares them with patiently and in the way of painstakingly.

She has lots of information about making muffins in the other cities of Iran but she believes that the best one of them is from Khorramshahr with the best kinds of Date that it calls “Kalicheh”.

She knows these days are the time of making “ Date Kalicheh” in Khorramshahr. She said that one of the traditions of new year in Khorramshahr is making “Kalicheh”. She proposes that anyone come to be in Khoramshahr must eat this muffin.

There are five kinds of Date muffins in Khorramshahr. That three of them are the best. These three muffins are Tafton, large and small round Date bread.  These souvenirs are nutritious and full of properties. Some of the “Kalicheh” properties are as follow:

  • Having soybean oil with lots of vitamins
  • Having white wheat flour
  • Having Cumin that is tasty
  • Having date that contains many vitamins

How to prepare “Kalicheh”

First of all make Dough with White flour, Cumin, and Oil. Divide the dough into the smaller parts and put the Date in the middle of every part and base on our taste make the shape to them. Now decorate it with Eggs and Sesame. At the end cut them and put them in the oven at the temperature of 300-320 degree for twenty minutes.

They believe that “Kalicheh” is one of the best souvenirs of whole Iran that is convenient and cheap.

“Kalicheh” doesn’t have preservatives but it has very high durability.

Because Khorramshahr has the best date of whole Iran so it is very normal that the best “Kalicheh” must be specially prepared in this city.