What are Yasouj souvenirs?

What are Yasouj souvenirs?

Yasouj is the provincial capital of the Kohgiloyeh and Boyerahmad with its natural beauty and eye-catching annually receives many travelers and tourists. Surely, anyone who travels to this beautiful province is looking for the best souvenirs of Yasuj and the other cities that anyone who they were not on their journey sees the manifestation of the beauty and nature of the province and they are also the evidence that you were thought about them on the journey.

  • Natural honey
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Wild mountain plants

Yasuj Honey

Honey is one of the food that most of the people interested in it. This food is one of the gifts of the nature that beside its wonderful flavors, has many properties. But one of the main concerns in the purchase of this product is providing the truly natural and tasty honey. One of the special offers on travel to Yasouj and Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad state is buying honey both for your own consumption and as well as the souvenir for the others. Yasouj Honey has the extraordinary taste that is because of its plants and fragrant flowers slopes of the mountains and nature of this area.

Yasouj Medicinal herbs

One of the other souvenirs of  Kohgiloyeh and Boyerahmad state is the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of this area. Hillside and mountainous areas of the province covered with various kinds of plants that most of them are known as Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and each of them has its own especial way to use.  One group use as the Herbal Tea, the another group is used to aromatize food. Aside from all these applications its medicinal properties for the body and the disease cannot be ignored. In terms of variety and quantity of medicinal plants, it can say that this state has about a quarter of Europe’s Medicinal Plants.

Some of these Medicinal Plants are as follow:

Yarrow,  Legumes, Camomile, Lyzak flower and Borage.

Wild plants of Yasuj

Mountain’s plants are one of the others souvenirs of  Yasuj that you can provide them on Yasuj or the other parts of  Kohgiloyeh and Boyerahmad province. These wild plants that grow by themselves are mostly found in spring and summer and they are one of the sources of income for the local people.

Acanthus is one of the souvenirs of Yasuj that they make special food with it, such as artichokes rice and artichokes stew.

Mountain mushrooms, celery, and Lyzk are some of the other plants that grow in Yasuj and they are good choices as the souvenirs either.

Some of the other souvenirs of Yasuj are as follow:

  • Walnut
  • Apple
  • Grape
  • Curd
  • Qara Qureh
  • Animal oil