Zenian (Carum copticum)

Zenian (Carum copticum)

Carum copticum with the scientific name of  “Trachyspermum” is from the one genus of  Apiaceae family. This plant contains annual plants with compound leaves and white petals.

10 superior medicinal properties of  Carum copticum

All sectors of the Carum copticum plant are very fragrant because in the Sanskrit language it calls Ugragandha. This kind of plant has many medicinal properties. The seeds of this plant use for the instantaneous treatment of the Bellyache.

Seed, flower, oil and extract of this plant consume to the treatment of many illnesses. It is a powerful drug for killing worms that they are living in the body and it is good to a relief earache, toothache, flu, heart problems, arthritis, and nose eclipse.

  1. Quick treatment for abdominal pain

This plant has gentle spurious properties, so it is effective in the quick treatment of the stomach.  Consuming carum copticum with salt and hot water is very useful for elimination of digestive problems and bellyache. It is recommended to people whom they have indigestion or anorexia consume a teaspoon of carum copticum with their food.

  1. Common cold

It is recommended for the chronic common cold to consume about 2 grams of its roasted seeds during 15-20 days. Inhalation of mill seeds of this plant is effective for treatment of a cough, headache, migraine and cold. Chewing its seeds with warm water is very effective to relieve a cough.

  1. Asthma

Inhalation of Carum copticum smoke will open Trachea and Lung and will clean respiratory tract. The people who have Asthma must consume one teaspoon of the Carum copticum and yellow sugar every day.

  1. Diabetes

Consuming one teaspoon of Carum copticum with 4 teaspoons extract of  Bakraee leaves 3 times a day to solve the problem of frequent urination because of diabetes.

  1. Release from Alcohol

To release from the Alcohol addiction people must consume about 30 grams extract of Carum copticum every night for 50 days.

  1. Cholera

This plant can release the microbial effects of worms and infectious problems so it is very well for treatment of Cholera sickness.

  1. Kidney stone

Consuming the mixture of the Carum copticum seeds, vinegar, and honey during 10 days, help to dissolving kidney stone and disposal them by urine.

  1. Lost weight

Carum copticum stimulates the appetite, has laxative compounds and excretion materials in the Gut will happen fast and it will help to lost weight soon. It can help to lost Chronic overweight by the continuous consume.

  1. Reduce bloating

This plant is one of the best to remove bloat, flatus and indigestion. The extract of this plant helps to remove above problems and it will increase appetite.

  1. Acidity Stomach

The seeds of this plant have the anti-acids properties. This plant recommends to the people whom they have the high acidic stomach. They must consume it after breakfast or the main meal in a day with warm water and salt. Do this work from 1 day until 15 days and watch the changes inside your body and see the decrease of acid in your stomach.