9 Nights & 10 Days
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Day01: Arrive in Tehran

You will arrive in Tehran then will be transferred to the hotel and check-in. We have a lot to venture, numerous places to visit, so get some good rest to get up all energetic and fresh.
O/N Tehran (Hotel)


Day02: Tehran

We will start our day with Golestan Palace (WHS) one of the oldest of the monuments in the city of Tehran. The glory and perfection in design of this building will surpass all your expectations of beauty. It consists of gardens, royal buildings, and collections of Iranian crafts and European presents from the 18th and 19th centuries. Next, we will visit Milad Tower; a multi-purpose tower standing at 435 meters from base to the tip of the antenna. This landmark accommodates a variety of sections and parts on each floor ranging from a cafeteria, a public art gallery. We will end our sightseeing by visiting Tabiat Bridge, which is the largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran. The 270-metre bridge connects two public parks; Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash. The word “Tabiat” means “nature” in Persian.
O/N Tehran (Hotel)


Day03: Tehran-Qeshm Island (By Airplane)

Next day, we will have a flight to Qeshm Island; the biggest geopark in Iran. Our first landscape is sky- blue Persian Gulf; an important waterway from Oman Sea to Saudi Arabia. Its pristine islands with coral beaches and amazing animal spices are the reasons to attract eco-tourists. In addition, the culture of south people including their lifestyle, customs, clothes, music, and occupation.etc is unique in Iran and the world. We will face with a wonderful phenomenon in this Island; the tide. It effects on some natural attractions and our landscape accordingly. We start our sightseeing by Naz Islands to touch this natural feature from near. After some moments on the coast, we will be transferred to hotel to have rest.
O/N Qeshm Island (Hotel)


Day04: Qeshm Island-Hengam Island

Get ready to visit Qeshm wonders. We will drive to Valley of the Stars geosite in Berke Khalaf village. It has shaped by weathering, soil and wind erosion since about two million years ago until now. When you walk through strange rocks, it seems you step on the mars. In the village, it is possible to see art of rural women and buy original handicraft like traditional clothes and accessories or get henna tattoo. Then we go to Shib Deraz Village; the habitat of Hawksbill sea turtle, to visit Hengam Island. To arrive this island, we will have some boating on Persian Gulf and if we are lucky, we will have chance to see dolphins. To spend our second among local people, we have a sightseeing in shell handicraft stalls and taste seafood. In Hengam’s Silver beaches may be found some amphibians and fishes. Our day finishes by return to Qeshm.
O/N Qeshm Island (Hotel)


Day05: Qeshm Island –Hormoz Island

In the early morning, after being served with a tasteful and delicious breakfast, we leave Qeshm to Hormoz by seabus. This island have covered with colorful mountains and the red soils (Gelak) are distinctive so it named also “Red Island”. Gelak used as foodstuff and cosmetic ingredients. We start our visit by Portuguese Castle; a remained castle since over 500 years ago. We go around the little island and stop site by site. We will be a real geotourist by visiting varied minerals. The valley of the statues surprised you with amazing rocks that shaped by weathering, soil and wind erosion. We have a wonderful sea landscape from rocky cost. Our journey is continuing through other gorgeous beaches in Hormoz. Before sunset, we return to Qeshm to go hotel but before that, we will roam in Qeshm Old Bazaar.
O/N Qeshm Island (Hotel)


Day06: Qeshm Island

After breakfast start an excursion to explore the Island by visiting Chahkooh Canyon. This strait consist of rocks and statues that created naturally during the time. In the first glance, the strait is seen so deep and wide that everybody can walk through the paths but in the end, going through passages is difficult so that walls surronds and fascinates us with every step we take. Then we will have a visit from a traditional craft workshop; Shipbuilding, one of the most important occupatin of Qeshm people from past till now.This ships are different and named “Lenj” which founded in Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman an Indian Occean. Its time to visit Mangrove Forest; a rare plant species that local people named “ Hara Forest ” and known as Qeshm green gold too. This flora has adaptability with saltwater, actually it feeds from saltwater and produces sweet water. We finish our day by watching sunset in Laft Port. Come back to city center and have free time for shopping.
O/N Qeshm (Hotel)


Day 07: Qeshm Island- Bandar Abbas (By Seabus) – Lar

Today we leave Qeshm Island to Bandar Abbas by the seabus. While in Bandar Abbas, we go to visit Indians Temple that belonged to resident Indians in Bandar Abbas then continue our journey to Lar, an ancient city in south of Fars province. Today is our only day in Lar, so we will have plans to visit some historical sites. Our day is filled with Izhdeha Peykar (Dragon Statue) Neshat Garden and Qaisarie Bazaar. We have chance to watch architecture elements and local people in bazaar while the real life is running. We will be transferred to hotel to get rest.
O/N Lar (Hotel)


Day08: Lar- Firooz Abad (279Km Drive) – Farrashband (71Km Drive)

To take the most out of Persian people we go to Farrashband to get familiar with Iran nomad. En-route we will stop at Firooz Abad to visit Sassanid Archaeological Landscape (WHS) listed in UNESCO recently. The ancient city of Ardeshir Khwarrah with quite circle plan is the most important Sassanid remaining heritage. To discover this region and era, we start our visits with Ardeshir Khwarrah and continue to Palace of ardashir, Qal’eh Dokhtar (Daughter Castle) and relief. To have a short experience of nomad lifestyle we head to Farrashband to get familiar with Qashqai tribe and Heybatloo nomad particular. This nomad migrates to cooler regions in warm months of the year. The colorful clothes, the sound of livestock, the smell of traditional bread, sit and sleep in nomad tent and pristine nature create an unforgettable sense in your life. In fact, that remains in your mind as an experience of the simple and authentic tribal life.
O/N Farrashband (Nomad Tent)


Day09: Farrashband-Bishapur Ancient City (130Km Drive)-Shiraz

To make Sassanid Archaeological Landscape puzzle, we continue our trip to another city of Sassanid; Bishapur which is located 30Km far from Kazerun. This city is included Anahita Temple, relief of Tang-e Chogan, ceremonial hall, oblations site, Mosaic Ivan and Bishapur Cave. The cave is both wonderfully natural and historical with Shapur Great Statue, which stands at entrance. After excursion in ancient age, it is time to come back present and move to Shiraz.
O/N Shiraz (Hotel)


Day10: Shiraz Departure

It is time to back home & we will have a transfer to SYZ airport for our departure flight. Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is time to go to the airport. Iran is a kind of place that you cannot get enough of it and to appreciate its beauty thoroughly in such few days is not possible. Therefore, until next time we will have the honor to host you here in Iran take care and enjoy your flight.

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