11 Nights & 12 Days
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Day01: Arrive in Tehran

You will arrive in Tehran then will be transferred to the hotel and check-in. We have a lot to venture, numerous places to visit, so get some good rest to get up all energetic and fresh. O/N Tehran (Hotel)


Day02: Tehran

We will start our day with Golestan Palace (WHS) one of the oldest of the historic monuments in the city of Tehran. The glory and perfection in design of this building will surpass all your expectations of beauty. It consists of gardens, royal buildings, and collections of Iranian crafts and European presents from the 18th and 19th centuries. Next, we will visit Milad Tower; a multi-purpose tower standing at 435 meters from base to the tip of the antenna. This landmark accommodates a variety of sections and parts on each floor ranging from a cafeteria, a public art gallery. We will end our sightseeing by visiting Tabiat Bridge, which is the largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran. The 270-metre bridge connects two public parks;Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash. The word “Tabiat” means “nature” in Persian.
O/N Tehran (Hotel)


Day03: Tehran-Padeh (135Km Drive)-Semnan (100Km Drive)

Early morning, after breakfast we drive to Padeh Village. On the way, we will stop to visit Mars Hills and Ezdeha Mountain (Dragon Mountain), and then continue to Salt Mine of Garmsar which there has been salt mining since 10 years ago and it has created a man-made cave shape tunnel. We follow our journey to Padeh; a historical village in desert region with hospitable people. We will have sightseeing in the village, visiting monuments such as Padeh Citadel. Before sunset, we will leave the village, heading to Semnan via Silk Road; the only road connected the east to west.
O/N Semnan (Hotel)


Day 4: Shiraz

Get ready to drive through Silk Road. After arriving Damghan we will visit Tarikhaneh Mosque; the first mosque (or second after Fahraj Mosque) which attracts everyone with its history and extravagant architecture. Tarikhaneh means God’s house and it used to be a fire temple before Islam. The next site is Pir-e Alamdar Mausoleum, and then we drive to an ancient hill, known as Tape Hisar. The actual date of this hill varies based on different theories, probably goes back to 4000 BC and it is considered as a treasure of Iran heritage. This ancient hill includes three ages, from Neolithic to Bronze Age and it is one of the reference areas to identify simultaneous cultures in Iran’s central plateau. Now, it is time to go to Jandaq to have some rest in a desert house with unique architecture. We will have the chance to photography around the fire and desert sky therefor you can experience one of the best vibes on the world.
O/N Jandaq (Local House)


Day05: Jandaq- Mesr Desert (84km Drive)-Garmeh (84 Km Drive)

In the morning, after being served with a tasteful and delicious local breakfast, we will drive to Mesr Desert which is located in the heart of Iran. Mesr desert is known by vast dunes, so take your shoes off and walk on the sands to touch the land. There are recreational amenities like ATV, 4WD and camel to better enjoy the desert. Before going to Garmeh Village, we visit Salt Lake; an amazing geographical phenomena in the desert. Garmeh was a desolate village that Maziar Aledavood has revived it by his guesthouse (Ateshoony) which caused a rapid development in tourism in this place. We will have a visit of palm trees and Doctor Fish Spring (natural spa). In the village, you can buy some local handicrafts, which is being made often by women and children. We will spend our night in this strange green desert.
O/N Garmeh (Local House)


Day06: Garmeh-Kharanaq (233Km) - Chak Chak (42Km)-Ardakan (42Km)

Our next destination is another village in desert area; the mud-brick village of Kharanaq is crumbling back into the valley out of which it emerged over 1000 years ago. It is a fascinating place to walk through winding and decaying alleys, tunnels and spaces. One of the most visible monuments is a Shaking Minaret dating back to the 10th century AD. We continue our trip through Ardakan by visiting Chak Chak, the Zoroastrian shrine. This holy place is also named Pir-e Sabz and located in the middle of mountains, so it is achievable by going up stairs. We finish our day by arriving to Ardakan. This traditional city is similar to Yazd due to its architecture historical texture and people lifestyle. The roofed alleys lightening at night and creating glorious sense.
O/N Ardakan (Local House)


Day 07: Ardakan-Meybod (10Km Drive)-Yazd (60Km Drive)

In the morning, we will go to Meybod; Ziloo-world city. First, we will visit Narin Castle remains located in the middle of historical texture of Meybod. We have chance to visit Ziloo weaving workshop to get familiar with this old handicraft. Another must-see monument in Meybod is Shah-Abbasi Caravanserai built in Safavid era. Just like travelers in the past who could rest and recover from their day’s journey en-route; we also stop here on our way to Isfahan to enjoy the architecture of this structure enclosed within rooms to which used to be shops and stores. Now it is time to visit Kabootar Khaneh, which had built to produce fertilizer naturally in an innovative architectural form. We then leave Meybod to Yazd to visit Fahadan District and the monuments inside. Fahadan District with tall mud and straw walls are reminiscent of the ancient architecture in the city. The passages of the city were previously replete with arcs, curves, and bends, wide enough for just two or three pedestrians to walk through. We have time to visit more highlights such as Alexander Prison, Seyed Rokn Addin Mausoleum and Jameh Mosque of Yazd with the highest minaret in the world and majestic turquoise tiles. After all, we will transfer to hotel and rest.
O/N Yazd (Traditional Hotel)


Day08: Yazd-Taft (23Km Drive)

Today we will have half-day tour in Yazd. We begin by visiting Zoroastrian’s Tower of Silence which a circular and raised structure built by Zoroastrians on top of a hill. It was used for dead bodies to be exposed to carrion birds. Next, we have chance chance to visit Yazd Fire-Temple, a place of worship for Zoroastrians, which contains in its heart a 2500-year-old fire. Among the numerable attractions of Yazd, here we will visit Amir Chakhmakh Complex. The complex is decorated by rectangular pool, surrounded by small shops; not only you can enjoy buying souvenirs from this traditional shops which mainly sell handicrafts, but also you will be surprised with the mosque which alluring people from all across the globe with its stunning infrastructure. Last but not least, we will visit Dowlat Abad Garden (WHS), the Persian garden that is renown all across the globe due to its tallest wind tower of the world. A short drive takes us from desert to submontance village; Taft. We will walk through narrow path and breathe fresh weather in pomegranate gardens.
O/N Taft (Local House)


Day09: Taft-Abarkooh (128Km Drive) - Pasargadae (166Km Drive)

In the last day of Yazd province, we will spend some time in Abarkooh village to visit oldest cypress in the country by approximately 4000 years old and Aghazadeh Historical House. After having lunch, we will continue visiting Pasargadae (WHS), where Cyrus the Great is resting for centuries. These ruins are among the only remains reflecting the glory of ancient Persian Empire. Near the tomb of Cyrus, we see the ruins of the first Persian garden; Pasargadae Garden (WHS). At late evening, we will be transferred to Sa’adat Shahr located in 20Km of Pasargadae.
O/N Sa’adat Shahr (Local House)


Day10: Pasargadae- Persepolise (78Km Drive) - Shiraz (60 Km Drive)

After breakfast, our exiting tour will begin; we will drive to the history of ancient Persia by visiting Persepolis (WHS), a complex accommodating a cluster of palaces. Afterwards we will visit Naghshe Rustam, which is an ancient Necropolis, a large ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. Here you can see a group of ancient Iranian rock reliefs cut into the cliff, from both the Sassanid periods. By arriving to Shiraz we visit the third Persian garden in our trip; Eram Garden. Next we will have a visit of Sa’di and Hafiz Tombs; two of the grate Persian poets. We will be transferred to hotel to have rest.
O/N Shiraz (Hotel)


Day11: Shiraz-Ghalat Village (43 Km Drive)-Shiraz

To spend our second day in Shiraz, we have another full day sightseeing. After being served with a tasteful and delicious breakfast, we will have a visit of Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, a masterpiece of innovation and creation. Sunrays will paint the floor and the columns with various and vibrant colors by passing through the colorful window glasses. in the next we will move to Karim Khan Citadel, a well-built fort, and a most see monument and Khan School, then we move on to enjoy the fabulous architecture of Vakil Historical bath , Vakil Mosque and admire the beauty of carpets, rugs, and woven handicrafts found in Vakil Bazaar, then we get to Moshir Saray; a traditional Bazaar. It is time to leave Shiraz for some hours to visit the last village in our journey. Ghalat Village is located northwest of Shiraz. You will be surprised by its amazing architecture and nature. In the evening, we will go back to Shiraz.
O/N Shiraz (Hotel)


Day12: Shiraz Departure

It is time to back home & we will have a transfer to SYZ airport for our departure flight. Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is time to go to the airport. Iran is a kind of place that you cannot get enough of it and to appreciate its beauty thoroughly in such few days is not possible. Therefore, until next time we will have the honor to host you here in Iran take care and enjoy your flight.

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