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2019 & 2020
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Starting with vibrant Tabriz with its unbeatable bazaar, and continue our trip into the seldom-visited part of our fascinating country offering a quieter and greener side of Iran, Ramsar. Hemdan with a green mountainous area in the high foothills of Alvand Mountain, Kermanshah with attractive landscapes, rich culture and Neolithic villages, considered one of the cradles of prehistoric cultures, Susa, first settled over 6000 years ago and then you’ll take in the poetry and culture of Shiraz and you will explore the ancient cities of Persepolis and Pasargadae, before moving on to the capital, Tehran…

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9 Breakfast



Destinations & Attractions


Blue Mosque, Azarbaijan Museum, Constitution House, Poets Cemetery, Tabriz Bazaar, El- Goli Park


Caspian Sea, water recreations


Milad Tower, National Museum of Iran, Golestan Palace, Treasury of National Jewels Museum, Sa’ad Abad Palace, Tajrish Bazaar, Imamzadeh Saleh


Baba Taher Tomb, Boualisina Tomb, Tomb of Esther and Mordkhai, Ganjnameh


Bisotun, Tagh-e Bostan, Moantain Park


Apadana Complex, Choqa Zanbil, Shushtar historical hydraulic system


Bisotun, Tagh-e Bostan, Moantain Park


Day1: Arrival – Tabriz

You will arrive in Tabriz and will be transferred to the hotel and check-in the hotel. We have a lot to venture, numerous places to visit, so get some good rest to get up all energetic and fresh.O/N Tabriz

Day 2:Tabriz

Full day sightseeing in Tabriz to visit the Blue Mosque, known in the world as the Turquoise of Islam, and Azerbaijan Museum, displaying a fine collection of per-historic and historic artifacts found in the area; and drive by the 13th century Arg-e Alishah, which was originally a magnificent Friday Mosque, but turned into a fortress in the 19th century; then visit the Constitution HousePoets Cemetery (Maghbarat-ol-Shoa’ara), also visit the extensive and interesting Tabriz Bazaar (UNESCO site) and the El-Goli Park.O/N Tabriz

Day 3: Tabriz – Ramsar

We will Tabriz to Ramsar lies on the coast of the Caspian Sea. It was also known as Sakhtsar in the past. The beauty of this green land is admirable; you can enjoy the coast and all the beauties of this wonderland.O/N Ramsar

Day 4: Ramsar

Today you will enjoy visiting inside the city and for a total day have a variety of activities including Paintball, Telecabin, Water Skiing, Jet Ski, Telecabin, Zipline, Cartring,etc in Caspian Sea. Then come back to the hotel for rest.O/N Ramsar

Day 5: Ramsar – Tehran

Time to leave Ramsar to Tehran, you’ll enjoy all the beauties on the road, arriving Tehran, check in the hotel and take a rest. At night we will drive to the tallest tower in Iran and 17th-tallest freestanding structure in the world, Milad Tower is a multi-purpose tower standing at 435 meters from base to the tip of the antenna. This landmark accommodates a variety of sections and parts on each floor ranging from a cafeteria, a public art gallery, a library to a five-star hotel.O/N Tehran

Day 6: Tehran

A full day Sightseeing in Tehran including: We will enjoy ourselves while visiting Golestan Palace (WHS) one of the oldest of the historic monuments in the city of Tehran. Next we visit National Museum of Iran which holds an incredibly wide range of pre-Islamic as well as post-Islamic remaining works including pottery vessels, metal objects, textile remains, and some rare books and coins then we’ll enjoy shopping in Grand Bazaar. Make sure not to miss Treasury of National Jewels Museum (Opened from Sat to Wed).O/N Tehran

Day 7: Tehran-Hamedan

Today morning we leave Tehran to Hamedan ,First sight to visit will be Baba Tahir Tomb , a famous poet. His poetry is written in the Hamadani dialect of the Persian language. Then we continue our journey by visiting Bouali Sina or Avicenna the most influential of all Islamic philosopher-scientists. He wrote on medicine as well as geometry, astronomy, arithmetic and music.O/N Hamedan

Day 8: Hamedan

Today we start our day by visiting Tomb of Esther and Mordechai, believed by some to house the remains of the biblical Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, it is the most important pilgrimage site for Jews in the country. Then we continue our way to Ganjnameh located 5 kilometers from southwestern Hamedan (the ancient Ecbatana) which served as the capital of Medes and Achaemenids, in a region called Abbas Abad.O/N Hamedan

Day 9: Hamedan-Kermanshah

In the morning we will drive to Kermanshah, En-route we will visit Bisotun(WHS), The Behistun Inscription is a multilingual inscription and large rock relief on a cliff at Mount Bisotun in the Kermanshah Province, then after arrival we will visit Tagh-e Bostan, is a site with a series of large rock reliefs from the era of Sassanid Empire of Iran, the Iranian dynasty which ruled western Asia from 226 to 650 AD. Then we have time to enjoy the beauties of the city, Mountain Park is located north Kermanshah and is near the historic site of Taq Bostan. This park is one of the largest and most beautiful tourist parks in Kermanshah.Then we will have a visit from one of the most beautiful flower garden in Iran.O/N Kermanshah

Day 10: Kermanshah – Susa – Shushtar

IAfter breakfast, we will drive to Susa, we will visit Choqa Zanbil Zigurat and  Apadana Complex, the winter palace Achaemenes kings built on the orders of Darius the Great King of Achaemenes around the years 515_521 BC in Susa (ancient city) on the remains of Elamite. Then we will move to Shushtar for have a visit of Shushtar historical hydraulic system (WHS), inscribed as a masterpiece of creative genius, can be traced back to Darius the Great in the 5th century B.C. O/N Shushtar

Day 11: Shushtar-shiraz

Today morning we leave Shushtar to Shiraz, in the afternoon we will visit Eram Garden (UNESCO sight) The abundance 100 kind of beautiful flowers, refreshing air, aromatic myrtles and towering cypress trees, including a tree dating back to 3,000 years (Sarv-e naz) have made Eram Garden a major tourist destination, especially during the spring and summer.O/N Shiraz

Day 12: Shiraz

In the morning, you will open your eyes to a majestic city; Shiraz. After being served with a tasteful and delicious breakfast, your exiting tour will begin; we will visit Persepolis (WHS), a complex accommodating a cluster of palaces. Afterwards we will visit Naghsh-e-Rustam which is an Ancient Necropolis, a large ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. Here you can see a group of ancient Iranian rock reliefs cut into the cliff, from Sassanid periods. We continue our day by driving to the history of ancient Persia by visiting Pasargadae, the capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great who had issued its construction; it was also the location of his tomb.O/N Shiraz

Day 13: Shiraz

Today we move on to enjoy the fabulous architecture of Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bath admire the beauty of carpets, rugs, and woven handicrafts found in Vakil Bazaar, then we get to Moshir Saray a traditional Bazaar. Also you will be taken to see Karim Khan Citadel and Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, a master piece of innovation and creation. Sun rays will paint the floor and the columns with various and vibrant colors by passing through the colorful window glasses.  The next step we will call it a day by Hafez Tomb and Sa’di Tomb two of the most prominent poets of Iran. O/N Shiraz

Day 14: Shiraz-Tehran

In the morning we will take a flight from Shiraz to Tehran, check-in the hotel and take a rest. After lunch we will have time to visit Sa’ad abad Palace which is a 300 hectare complex built by the Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs, located in Shemiran, next place will be Tajrish Bazaar, an old bazaar worth spending time and have some shopping. In the heart of Bazaar you can visit Imamzadeh Saleh , dates back to the Qajar Period; however an old tree and some remaining tombstones bear evidences that the building existed in the 13th and the 14th century AD. It has gone through many repair and alterations until today.O/N Tehran

Day 15: Tehran -Departure

You will be transferred to Tehran Airport for departure. Iran is a kind of place that you cannot get enough of it and to appreciate its beauty thoroughly in such few days is not possible. Therefore, until next time we will have the honor to host you here in Iran take care and enjoy your flight.

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