Nowruz, Persian New Year

Nowruz: Persian New Year + Customs

Nowruz is the traditional Persian festival of spring which starts at the exact moment of the vernal equinox, commencing the start of the spring. The name comes from Avestan meaning “new day/daylight”. Nowruz is celebrated March 20/21 each year, at … Read More


Chaharshanbe Suri: A Fire-jumping Festival

Iranians celebrate Chaharshanbe Suri. It is a fire jumping festival celebrated by Iranians around the world. On the eve of the last Wednesday of the Persian solar year, known as Chaharshanbe Suri or the Persian Festival of Fire, special customs … Read More

Persian Miniature: The Art of Richly Detailed Painting

A Persian miniature is a richly detailed miniature painting which depicts religious or mythological themes from the region of the Middle East now known as Iran. The art of miniature painting in Persia flourished from the 13th through the 16th … Read More

Iran one of the only countries in the world which has the complete four seasons

Discovering Persia: Top 10 Must Visit Places

Discovering Persia, The Land of Four Seasons 1. Masuleh village Mysterious foggy village lost high in the northern forests. With ocra houses standing on each other, and occasional people appearing in the narrow staircases and lanes between the buildings. This … Read More


Jiroft, Cradle Of Human Civilization In Iran

For centuries, Mesopotamia was thought to be the world’s oldest civilization. This was generally accepted by most people until a 5,000-year old temple was discovered in Jiroft Historical Site in Iran’s southern Kerman province, prompting archaeologists to identify the region … Read More


Yalda Night (Shab-e Chelleh)

Yalda Night: The Longest And Darkest Night Of The Year These days, Christian countries around the world are getting ready for Christmas. All streets, stores and houses are decorated with lights for this festive season. You hear Christmas songs everywhere … Read More

Iranian art

Persian Calligraphy: The glorious art of Iranian

Persian Calligraphy; One of the most revered arts throughout history of Iran The art of calligraphy is one of the reputable and famous arts in Iran. The glorious art of calligraphy and its numerous decorations have always been praised by … Read More

sun and earth Calendar

The Persian Calendar (Solar Hijri Calendar)

Officially used in Iran and Afghanistan, the Solar Hijri calendar is one of the world’s most accurate calendar systems. It is also known as Persian Calendar, Iranian Calendar, and SH Calendar. The Solar Hijri calendar is not to be confused … Read More

safty in iran

Solo Female Travel In Iran

We have a lot of emails from women travelers who like travel alone, Always they start with these questions: Is it safe to travel to Iran as a solo female? Women in Iran have safety? How is the women’s situation … Read More

Iranian Architecture

The Simplicity of Iranian Architecture’s Complex Geometry

Iran’s geography consists largely of a central desert plateau, surrounded by mountain ranges. Due to the country being mostly covered by earth, sand, and rock, Iranian architecture makes fantastic use of brick or adobe elements. Most of the buildings seen … Read More